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Rates, Labor and Equipment

With an extensive menu of services, rental equipment and our own box office, Cal Expo offers everything your event requires to be a success. So whether you need plants, a dance floor, security personnel or folding chairs, all you have to do is ask. Our customer-oriented staff will ensure you have everything at hand, provided arrangements are made 14 days prior to your event.


Maintenance Rate/hourly
Electrician $40.00
Sound Technician $34.00
Plumber $40.00
Carpenter $40.00
Equipment w/operator $98.00


Operations Rate/hourly
Janitorial $18.00
Trash removal (per yard) $9.00
Cardboard removal No charge
Admissions $19.00
Parking $19.00
Area Supervisor $35.00


Security Rate/hourly
Dispatcher $25.00
Security Guard $22.00
Police Officer $34.00
Police Sergeant $36.00
Police Lieutenant $43.00
Mobile Officer $43.00
Mounted Unit $38.00


Chairs Rate/weekly
Folding (dropped) $1.00
Folding (set up) $1.25
Stack (set up or dropped) $1.75
Padded $3.75


Tables Rate/weekly
8′ folding (dropped) $8.00
8′ folding (set up) $9.00
8′ Test tables (set up) $10.00
60″ or 72″ round $12.00
Picnic $15.00
Tall Cocktail $8.00

Other Seating

Other Seating Rate/weekly
Bench (several types) $8.00
Wooden Gazebo $175.00


Bleachers Rate/weekly
25-seat portable $115.00
75-seat portable $340.00
150-seat portable $680.00


Note: Stage set-up and tear down is in a building or flat area, not on grass or slope. One set of steps and skirting is included.

Staging Rate/weekly
4′x8′ section, all heights 6”-48” $50.00
ADA or equipment ramp $250.00
150-seat portable $680.00


Signs Rate/weekly
Vinyl letters on 24″ x 12″ corplast $28.00


Canopy Rate/weekly
20′ x 20′ $300.00 (includes set up and tear down)


Sound Rate/weekly
Portable sound system 500 watt with hardwire mic $150.00
Hand held wireless or lavaliere wireless mic $100.00
Compact disc player $55.00
Floor podium $70.00


Lighting Rate/weekly
Portable light tower (generator) $100.00
Portable street light $82.00


Decorating Rate/weekly
Portable banner $75.00
VIP barricade (4′ x 6′ white plastic) $5.50

Crowd Control

Crowd Control Rate/weekly
Metal barricade (4′ H x 8′ W) $12.00
Chain link fence (6’ H x 11’ W) $17.50


Large selection of trees and plants available to rent.

Nursery Rate/weekly
Delivery/pick up $28.00