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Run to Rave

Run to Rave

Run to Rave 5k

Walk or Run, it’s a party from start to finish! Run to Rave’s interactive healthy life is about 1000s of friends coming together to pump up your endorphins and dance the night away. Engulfed in light-shows and live DJs, we’re bringing towns together to light up the night with glow sticks, glow whistles, glow glasses and glowing smiles.

Come to the festival 1 to 2 hours before dusk. We’ll let you know when that is. We’re going to have the latest in EDM (Electronic Dance Music) spun by top DJs in the city. Get ready with your friends and family for your 3.1 mile (5k) journey that ends in a spectacular dance party.

Get your Glow On!

Run to Rave will start every participant with a glow kit. To really celebrate the night, you will want to visit glow village. Parade your costumes and sport your best glow bling. Favorites will be rewarded. As the sky falls dark, together we will color the night with streaming rainbow glows.

The Ridiculously Awesome Visual Expedition!!!



Jun 15 2013

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