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Media Resources

California Exposition & State Fair Media Center Hours

All non-emergency media inquiries for Cal Expo may be directed to or by calling 916.263.3108 during our regular business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

During the State Fair, the Media Center is open during regular fair business hours. However, media inquiries and requests will be accommodated outside of business hours. To schedule an off hours interview or shoot, please contact the Media Center in advance by calling 916.263.3108 or emailing

Directions to the Cal Expo Administration Building

From Exposition Boulevard, enter at the second entrance off Highway 80 on the south side of the street at Challenge Way. Follow signs to the Administration Building. Enter through Gate 3. Park in the Administration parking lot. Check in at the Media Center on the west side of the Administration building.

Directions to Gate 12

Gate 12 is an alternate entrance to the Cal Expo grounds. All media access through Gate 12 must be pre-approved. From Exposition Boulevard, take Ethan Way. The Gate 12 entrance is at the intersection of Ethan Way and Hurley Way. During the State Fair, members of the media may show official press credentials to gain access to the grounds from Gate 12, but only during regular business hours and with prior approval. A media center staff member will be on site to escort you to the designated location.

Cal Expo Media List

To join our online media list and receive all press releases and updated information about the Fair and other Cal Expo events, email us at

State Fair Media Credentials

Applications for 2014 State Fair media credentials are available at